Trip on the Funny Boat

The game was made for the second PyWeek competition during the week from 25.3.2006 to 2.4.2006. All source code and data was created from scratch by the project team during this time, apart from the font and the collision detection library used in the game (detailed below in "License"). Later, the work on the game has continued.

You can start the game by running the script '' with the Python interpreter.

You play the role of a steamboat captain on the wild seas populated by sharks, pirates, minefields and the occasional seagull.


The source code is provided under the GNU GPL licence version 2.

The graphics and sound effects are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.

The game music is provided under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 license. Please contact the author via e-mail "jhkarja2 at cc dot hut dot fi" if you wish to use the music in another game, movie or animation.

The font Cosmetica is made by Magenta Ltd. and it can't be sold by itself, but can otherwise be used freely for any purpose. See MgOpen typefaces page for details.

The PixelPerfect collision detection library was created by John Eriksson in 2006 and is under public domain. It can be found on mr. Eriksson's website.

Hardware recommendations

Minimum of 500Mhz processor (with reduced graphics), 1000Mhz recommended.

Software requirements

The game has been tested with these, but it might work with earlier versions.

Command line parameters

You can improve performance with these

-na : Turn off alpha blending for water and particle effects.
-np : Turn off particle effects.


Key Function
Left cursor key / Joystick or gamepad left Move left
Right cursor key / Joystick or gamepad right Move right
Up cursor key / Joystick or gamepad button #1 Jump
Space bar / Joystick or gamepad button #2 Shoot with cannon
S key / Joystick or gamepad button #6 Save screenshot as sshot.tga
P key / Joystick or gamepad button #9 Pause the game.
Olli Etuaho & Pekka Kujansuu 2006.